Writing daily

  Perhaps the most effective habit to acquire while you set out to write your memoir, is to commit to writing daily.  It does not have to be hours at a time, but best if  a minimum of half an hour.  Get up earlier if you have to.  It is amazing how fresh the mind is when we first wake up.  Writing in the evening brings closure to the end of a busy day and has a calming effect on the brain, getting it ready for a night’s sleep.

Go ahead, set a specific time in your daily schedule.

“What if I am not inspired?” you might ask: even if we are not in “the mood” to write, it is crutial that we do write daily.  It spurs our creativity.  Start writing, no matter what… even if what you write has no worth whatsoever… keep writing…. You might not keep this day’s words, but you will have exercised your writing skills and opened the flow of creativity.  By the next time you sit at your computer, your fingers will run on the keyboard.

More often than not, you will be amazed to see how within minutes your attitude has changed, and what started as ” I don’t feel like writing today” will be  “Oh, I wish I had more time, I don’t want to stop!”

A teacher once told me “It is the time you spend at the wheel that will make you a potter.  Even if you put your pots back in the mud bucket at the end of the session, you are still learning when you are having a “bad day.” ”

It is the same for us: It is the time spent on our keyboards that will make us writers.

What is your chosen time of the day for writing your memoir ??  Post a comment, let me know…  It would be interesting to see if most of us write in the morning, or the evening.


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