Follow the mood

When you recal something you want to share with your folks, do not hesitate, put it down it writing right then and there.

Do not think that you will do it later, when you are writing the phase of you life it should fit in…
– one reason is that you might not remember well.
– the other thought is that when it suddenly comes to you, that memory is vivid, exciting, meaningful. There is a reason why it came to you at that moment. If you keep it for a later time, it will have lost a lot of its life, its essence. It will be much more controlled and constraint and as a result, will not resound as true…

There will be time when you are done, to shuffle and re-arrange all your stories, put them in the order you decide… Right now, just write… as the remembrance comes to you.. in any order. Follow your spirit. Follow your mood. Write what feels good to write at the moment.. Do not censure by insisting on a certain time frame.. Just write…


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