When GrandPère Jacques met Namie and Papa

I’ll never forget the day GrandPère Jacques met Namie and Papa: the three grandparents were coming to Napa for Nathalie’s christening.  As GrandPère Jacques was already in the US, Dad drove GrandPère Jacques and myself holding Nathalie to the airport.

Now, you know how French people tend to pay quite a bit of attention on how they dress:  On the classic side, a lot of navy blue… even when they wear jeans, they do look crisp and stylish.

GrandPère Jacques was a bit old fashion in his manners, always proper and following etiquette…

Arrived at SF airport, we had descended on the airstrip and were waiting at the foot of the plane… It was a warm sunny day for March.

Of all the passengers, Papa appeared first in the airplane’s doorway… he was completely dressed in Irish bright green: a WHOLE tailored suit in  GREEN ! Shirt, tie, hat, even the shoes !!  ALL GREEN ! It was St Patrick’s Day ! My mouth dropped… I took a quick side-look at my father, he had a little smile on the corner of his mouth.  Oh, I would have liked to be able to get in his brain and read what he was thinking !!  He never said anything, acted as if all was as usual, but he must have wondered what kind a family I had married into !!  :)


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