Your Coach


Isabelle has always loved words.  While in France, her forte in school was writing, getting the highest score in Paris for the French writing section of the “bac” exam the year she took it.
After being in the US for 15 years she wondered if she could try writing in her second language.  She searched for an English writing class.  Because of schedules and time constrictions, she signed up for a class called “Memoir writing”.

She did learn to refine her use of the English language, but she discovered in that class that what she loved the most was to hear her fellow students (all her senior by many years) tell stories of their lives.  She found out about life during the Depression, WWII etc…

If you are looking for her at a party, you will inevitably find her sitting next to the oldest person, firing questions after questions, getting that person to tell her about her past.  “I just love people’s lives” she says, ” Finding out how they came to be the person they are now, is fascinating to me.  All lives are intriguing.”