The process

8047202_mWhether you are just starting, have already started or you have finished writing and want editing and/or publishing services, we can help you put your life story into a book.

                  a)  If you are just starting, this is how we will work together to write your memoir:

SIGNING UP – Decide which payment plan works for you and sign up with your writing coach.

COMMUNICATION – I will send you, by e-mail (or US mail) a question that you will need to answer within a week.

As soon as I receive your answer, I will send you the next question. You may write as little as you want, or as long as you want. If I do not get an answer I will remind you to finish the story.

PERSONAL BLOG – I will create a personal blog for you, and each writing you send me will be posted on it. I will not edit your writing (unless you wish to add editing as an option – see Editing). You can view it as you progress and share that blog with your friends and relatives.

THE QUESTIONS  – I will send you questions which are designed to trigger your memories and stimulate your need to share stories.

They will range from practical fact and event-finding tools to personal questions about thoughts and outlook on life. They will be somewhat in chronological order, but not always.

The writing will be designed to be re-arranged later if necessary.

If you do not like a question, just let me know via e-mail and we will move to the next one. If you are prolific in your writing, at any time I can send several questions together.

YOUR LIFE IN A BOUND BOOK – When you are finished, I will turn your blog, Your Writing, into a book, a real book to hold in your hand. This book is included in your initial cost. If you want copies to give your relatives, many can be made at a fairly small cost, depending on the size of the book. You will also receive an ebook, pdf copy.

It is my goal to help you write your memoirs, to help you along the way until you feel you are finished. And then present you with a published book of your work…something you can be proud of.


                    b)  Already Started Writing?

If you have already started writing your life story, we will integrate what you have as the pertaining topics come up. Or we can keep them as such and determine an appropriate place for the questions. We will decide how best to proceed together. Please call or email me for further information.