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I, Isabelle of “” agree to:• Facilitate your writing by sending you a question via e-mail, (unless other arrangements have been made).
• Provide you with a new question within 24 hrs of receiving the answer to each previous one (except weekends).
• Create a private blog for your writings where I will upload your answers as I receive them.
• “Encourage” you if you do not send me your writings within a week.
• Respect your privacy by not reading your blog, (unless other arrangements are made).
• At the end of our 6 months agreement, I will contact you via e-mail to ensure that you are finished and ready for publication. If you require more time, we may move forward on a month-to-month basis, or sign another 6 month agreement.
• When you are finished writing, I will have your pages published in hard bound book form at no extra charge. After receiving it, if you should want more copies, arrangements can be made to purchase them. Price will be determined by number of pages.
• To conclude our relationship, I will delete your blog or turn it over to you, whichever you perfer.
• In addition, I will be available to answer any questions you have regarding this process.My goal is to get you to write all the wonderful or trying stories that make your life unique and makes you the person that you are, so that you can share it with others.You, the writer, agree to:

• Commit to writing your memoir for six months (or till finished).
• Pay the fee of the payment plan I choose.
• Answer each question in writing and give it your best effort to send it to me via e-mail (unless other arrangements are made) within a week of receiving it. You may be as brief or as lengthy as you wish: the idea is to get your memory stimulated!
• Take my “encouragement” graciously, and respond by sending your writing.

Yes, I agree.